Harris Tweed, world renowned and iconic; but to me it’s the rhythm of home. From the clatter of the Hattersley looms that accompanied my childhood to the stacks of bobbins and pirns still clustered on every shelf, it’s never been very far away. Shepherd check and herringbone; Bell Celtic and two-by-two: the conversation usually circulates round tweed in all its glorious forms.

Many of the Harris Tweeds I use have been hand warped and handwoven by my sister, one of only 150 or so registered Harris Tweed weavers in the world and one of the handful of remaining independent weavers. Other Harris Tweeds come from a lifetime collecting from loomsheds and now closed mills.

My father and brother are also weavers, and they weave for the family business, Breanish Tweed. They weave luxury tweeds, using Shetland wool, lambswool and cashmere and produce custom tweeds for companies and tailors around the world. 

Cloth like that needs a good supporting cast. So I use brass hardware and old school copper rivets by an English foundry, leather straps using age-old vegetable tanning techniques and cotton duck woven in England to create a water resistant interlining. Tote bags feature hickory denim linings; that staple of American workwear has stood the test of time as a hardworking, robust fabric that will help your bag last for years.

I make all the pieces from scratch; every stitch, rivet and seam will pass through my hands. This means it’s possible to change elements to suit you. If you want a monogram, a different colour, shorter straps……. just ask and we can create just the right piece for you.


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